Honda Civic Type R long-term review


A photoshoot at the headquarters of Team Dynamics, which prepares the Civic Type RS that race in the BTCC, offered a useful opportunity to compare our Road-going car with the competition brother. The race version is optimized for the track and to meet the rules, but our car exterior design has as much performance intent as you would like or need on the road.

Mileage: 5113

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

The Civic Type R has a useful two-tier storage space in the center console, just before the gear lever. In our high-spec GT model, the upper Cubby doubles as a wireless charging mat if your smartphone is equipped with compatible technology. If this is not the case, you may need to plug it into the USB port, in the lower Cubby. A cable Pass-Through means that there are no messy wires to drag around.

Mileage: 4202

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

The exterior design of the Civic Type R cannot be universally admired as a model of exquisite styling, but it marries function and shape to good effect, with the wings, vanes and piping all contributing to an improved airflow in Comparison with the body of the standard Civic.

The shape of the front bumper, for example, creates an ‘ air curtain ‘ that leads the turbulence away from the front wheels. The dramatic-looking slats behind those wheels let the air escape from the arches, causing the pressure. The front splitter and side skirts create down force on the front spindle, which is a contributing factor in this type R to be able to effectively manage its miraculous power by the front wheels only.

That’s the theory, Anyway, but I was recently able to carry my own (unscientific) aerodynamic testing during the milder days that the beast followed from the east, when the snow thawed on the roads and a film of brine grime was splashed over the Bodywork of the Honda.

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

When we passed this car back in January, we speculated that the Pearlescent black paint, a £575 option, would show the dirt fairly easily, and so it turned out. Useful, though, the swirls of dirt allowed me to trace the flow of air. In my view, it seemed that there was still a lot of turbulent air flowing around the body of the Civic, but the quality of my aerodynamic analysis could be one of the reasons I shoot cars for a life rather than designing them.

In any case I don’t spend a lot of time pondering aerodynamic minutiae when I type R drive-there is too much fun to be had. I noticed that the driving mode selector seems to be standard sport when you first fire up the 2.0-liter turbo engine from Vt. That makes sense, considering it sits between comfort and Full-Bore + R modes, but I’ve become familiar with other cars in which sport is the name of the maximum attack mode, not the middle-of-the-way choice.

I’m fine with it, though, because although sports companies of active dampers, adds weight to the power steering and sharpens the throttle responses, it offers the best compromise of acceptable ride quality without boring that impetuous performance. For me, comfort mode injects a certain amount of lightness into the control that feels unpleasantly artificial. Maybe that might make the car easier to drive over very long distances, where you may not want as much involvement, but it feels just like the car has been neutered.

After the driving mode selector as a rocker near the gear shifter, where it’s just the flick of a finger road, it prefers to set-up on the previous generation (FK2) Civic Type R. To implement + R mode in that car, you had to have a button that was partially hidden behind the steering wheel and windshield wiper stem Prod.

It is yet another small way in which this version has made a step forward.

I love it:

Rem Keep useful function which automatically implements the parking brake when you are in stop-start traffic.

Loathe at:

Remarkably dirty I’m going to have to invest in a new chamois leather to keep the lacquer shiny.

Mileage: 3920

The Civic’s beautifully milled aluminum alloy Gear knob is an impressive thing to both admire and use. I’ve only had a little bickering with it, but: it’s unpleasantly cold to touch when you first get into the car on a freezing winter day. Two solutions I’ve thought of: invest in some driving gloves or borrow a knitted hat from an innocent smoothie bottle.

Mileage: 2481

Performance car it may be, but the Civic Type R should provide an element of enforceability as it is to meet the ‘ daily driver ‘ short demanded of it by a photographer.

When I’m heading to a shoot I need space, and lots of it, for my Kit. I have to say that so far I am impressed with what I have found in the Civic. There is a surprising amount of space beneath that spoiled behind Liège and it is certainly generous by the standards of this class. Officially, the Civic has 420 gallons of boot space, raising to 786 gallons if you fold all of the 60/40 Split back seat and pile your belongings as high as the bottom of the window line

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

One idea I like very much is the retractable luggage cover, which makes me in mind of either a roller blind or a Bacofoil dispenser. I find conventional Solid Parcel shelves rather unjustified, not least because I often forced to remove them to free up extra space and have to find somewhere safe to salvage them. That’s fine if you’re blessed with your own garage which will put such a cumbersome item, but significantly less fine if you leave 20 minutes in the M1 before you remember you’ve left the flipping thing on Bruntingthorpe proving Ground.

So retractable luggage covers are the way forward, and what puts the Civic apart from many others is that it implements from the side so that it does not act as a barrier across the width of the car if you need more space. It is one of those ideas that I can hardly believe is not implemented more often.

On another note, in my previous report I mentioned the squeaking brakes that drew unwanted attention to our citizen type R during slow speed, around-town driving.

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

If the type R online forums are a guide, it’s a pretty common problem with this latest Civic. Our car has since returned to Honda Press garage, where the technicians skimmed the Brembo discs. That has lit up the issue for the time being, but I have been warned that it is likely to return.

Indeed, the manual (Believe it or not, we have taken the trouble to read it) states that “to meet performance under a wide range of driving conditions, a high-performance braking system is equipped on your vehicle. You hear the brake beeping under certain conditions, such as vehicle speed, deceleration, humidity and so on. This is not a malfunction. ”

So the sound is an unfortunate byproduct of the car’s performance intent, then, although in my opinion that does not explain satisfactorily why the Civic Type R makes it as many other performance cars do not.

Mileage: 2189

It’s been less than two years since the previous-gen Civic Type R left our long-term fleet.

That’s precious little time in the grand scheme of model development of a manufacturer plans, but Honda had good reason to quickly Usher his latest Banzai-Hatch on the market.

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

Not only was it conceived as a way to mark the 25th anniversary of the type R sub-brand that fell in 2017, but it was also produced in parallel with the cooking Civic. This made it easier for the go-faster Wizards of Honda to nuttiness the foundations of Hot-Hatch from the start, while this type of R’s precursor was developed long after the basic model.

As much as this is a new car, though, the basic technical set-up is not too far away from the FK2-generation Civic Type R that preceded it, so power is produced by a 2.0-liter turbo-VT gasoline engine, which is mounted Conversely and covered to a six-speed manual gearbox that drives the front axle only, using a limited-slip differential to the power meter. The engine produces slightly more power than the old cars, at 316bhp compared to 306bhp, but the torque remains the same at 295lb ft.

Beneath the surface, though, there are more important changes aimed at refining the treatment. The car is based on a new platform that allows to be lower, wider and stiffer than the precursor, and there is a revised suspension set-up-especially at the rear, where the torsion beam has been replaced by a multi-link configuration-and a new Adaptive damping System

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

The move to a new platform has an effect on the interior too, because the fuel tank has moved from its position under the driver’s seat to a location behind the rear seats, allowing the driver to sit lower, more in Accord with what you would expect from a hot h e. G.

Another change that is made possible by the new foundations is a move to 20in wheels and 245-section tires; Our previous car ran on 19in wheels and 235/35 tyres. As much as that bigger, widerhoops needs to bring some dynamic benefits, I’m a little worried about the effect they might have on the ride. As a coach snapper-in-Chief, I rack up a lot of miles a week and it’s pretty important to drive a car D At is so forgiving to cruising in as much as it is involved when I want it to be.

And here is where one of the most significant changes between the old and new Civic Type RS should come into play. In This new one, you get three selectable drive modes, while the old ones just hadtwo choices: Default or ‘ R ‘. The latter, which is occupied via a red button on the dashboard, turned all mechanical settings from the old car up to the 11. ‘ R ‘ mode, however, often felt too hard and uncomfortable for the majority of British highways and Byways.

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

Honda clearly listened to feedback from the enthusiasts who buy his performance cars – and maybe even took a long, hard look at what the Hot-Hatch rivals have done – because this new Civic Type R has an extra ‘ comfort ‘ mode. It can call down the immediacy of the steering feel, damping, stability help, traction control and throttle response. At the same time, the standard (or ‘ sport ‘, as Honda calls it) and Full-Bore ‘ R ‘ settings – now accessible via a rocker near the gear shift – are made more extreme.

What we expect to discover over the course of the next few months is a hot Hatch with a broader spread of configurability. But can it really be able to rags at a Supercar-troublesome pace yet comfortable enough to cover large parts of the highway without me needing to keep my osteopath phone number on the Speed Dial? What is also similar to the last Civic Type R We ran is the specification because, like our 2016 version, this new car is in ‘ GT ‘ trim. For an additional £2000, you get a raft of comfort and safety features of the kind that you might find useful on longer trips: Blind-Spot warning, Parking sensors, Front fog lights, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and dual-zone Air conditioning.

That extra Kit comes with a weight penalty which means the GT-spec Civic Type R takes a tenth of a second longer to Sprint from 0-62mph. Based on our early impressions, we are unlikely to haggle more than 5.8 sec instead of 5.7 sec , but-so far, it has felt powerful fast for us.

Honda Civic Type R long-term review

Besides the choice for the clock-and-Whistles GT Trim, the only cost option we have added is Pearlescent Black Paint. They say black is the new white as it goes British motorists ‘ favorite car color – though, this is a photographer’s weapon, I’m demanding about gigs and expect to spend quite a bit of time and effort keeping the bodywork clean.

It’s definitely an eye-catching car, but so far our type R is also turning heads for the wrong reasons. In the slow crawl of Rush-Hour traffic, there is already a rather loud beeping of the Brembo brakes that draws glares from passing pedestrians. Could it just be a new car problem, indicative of a deeper problem or something we should accept due to the performance type R intended?

We keep an eye (or, rather, an ear) on it, although we plan to waste as little time as possible laboriously by traffic jams and more of exploiting this hot hatch on some of the nation’s best driving roads.

Second Opinion I ran the previous Civic Type R on our fleet. On a specific road on a particular day when I was in a specific mood, I revelled in her raw lack of ways, but it was a challenge to live with day to day, so I am encouraged by talking about this a broader spread of ability. Mb

Specs: Price new £32,995; Price as tested £33,520; Options Pearlescent Paint £525; Economy of the outstanding MPG; no errors; Cost No

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