Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review


The MediaPad M5 8.4 is an alternative to metal-bodied IPad Mini, offering Android users Premium Design, sound quality, power and battery life.

If you’re wondering how big this tablet is, the clue is in the name, with the 8.4 M5 sporting a 8.4-inch portrait screen, although with identical internals and screen resolution to its larger brother, the M5 10.8, it’s definitely a mini case And powerful from a point of view specs.

The sound quality is also excellent thanks to a stereo speaker configuration which, combined with the 2k display, gives the slate solid multimedia credentials.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review

The MediaPad M5 8.4 is available in storage options from 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and there is also support for MicroSD cards.

The power under the hood is similar to that found in the 2017 Huawei phones, the P10 and P10 Plus, in the shape of a Kirin 960 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. The entire MediaPad M5 series is also available in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + LTE combinations.

Huawei MediaPads M5 8.4 Price and availability

Starts at about £309
Don’t expect to see him in the United States

In the UK the entry-level 32GB MediaPad M5 8.4 with Wi-Fi only is priced at £309. This is the only model we have prices for now, but based on the euro price for other models we expect the 64GB Wi-Fi model to come in at £350 or a bit more, and the 128GB Wi-fi model to be around £400 , with LTE variants costing up to £50 more.

We also expect the MediaPad M5 8.4 to come to Australia, but we have no word on prices or availability yet.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review

The addition of some context to these prices, of apples iPad Mini 4 begins in £399, about £90 more than 8.4 M5 MediaPad, and Huawei of widescreen display offers a larger, more traditional and slightly better battery life, and so it is unlikely that its appeal to the Android phone users searching for Netflix, YouTube and the like a tablet.

Design: good looking and comfortable to hold

Premium look and feel
No headphone jack

Machined from metal and glassware, MediaPad 8.4 M5 is disabled for some excellent design entry-wise. It is a traditional tablet misleading with minimal distractions, and feels as good as it looks.

Above 2 inches 8.4 screen on the front of the tablet are a small selfie camera and Huawei logo, while underneath is the home key scanner/optional fingerprint marks.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review

Glass curves along the very ends in a metal body to add to the experience, Sir. In the meantime, the band of the antenna will be machined in the stylish metal, making the signal strength is solid, while certainly no in chunks of plastics hinder the clean aesthetic.

USB slot C Carmen it is isolated at the bottom of the M5 8.4, while the headphone port is was absent. All buttons are on the right side of the tablet, positioned to the rear of the codend.

This makes them invisible when you’re looking at the tab head next, Nice design, although they expect some fumbling when attempting to locate them with your fingers in the first few days of using the tablet.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review

It strikes gripping the camera suggests that there are some packages MediaPad M5 8.4 serious shooters, while lines of perforations along the top and the bottom edges showing the location of the speaker tablet when held in landscape orientation.

Screen: 2 k Goodness, not greatness

Sharp in 2 k resolution
Good quality, although not class leading

Huawei screen MediaPad M5 8.4 resolution of 2 K-2560 x 1600 to be precise. To put that in context, iPad Mini 4 pixel density of 324 pixels per inch, while 8.4 MediaPad boast 359 pixels per inch.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 review

Offers screen technology IPS M5 8.4 viewing angles and brightness levels strong. You can tune the screen which is suitable for your choice, with color balance controls in the settings.

It is also possible to watch the Vivid to boost saturation of the Tablet, given its similar AMOLED bustle, even if he cannot deliver the deep black, reeks of AMOLED screen.

It means that blue light filter in eye protection is integrated at the level of the OS, and you can also drop a decision have been processed the little screen to save battery.

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